Affiliated by the State Medical Faculty, Govt. Of West Bengal

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Some Words About Bankura Paramedical College

About Bankura Paramedical College

BANKURA PARAMEDICAL COLLEGE is established keeping in view of rendering paramedical education and throughout the students of our society and filling the gap of supply and demand of Paramedics in the present and upcoming Medical Critics. To have a competent Health Care System Paramedics are equally important as the Doctors. We are lacking in that part.

BENGAL EDUCATIONAL TRUST, a voluntary Organization registered under the Trust Act. Govt. of West Bengal and an ISO 9001:2015 certified Educational Institution is the mother concern of this college. This trust has been imparting education to the Young and Students in various trades like Computer, Nursing, and Hospitality Management etc. since 2011.

In now a days Medical Treatment is solely dependent on various Medical Tests. It is now well-established that treatment without any Medical Test goes all in Vain in many cases. To avoid such failure Doctors at present feel confident to go through Test at first.

This Trust is taking part actively in the Social activities those are related to Prevention and Treatment of Health Hazards of common people mainly in Rural and Slums areas.

The districts namely Bankura, Purulia, Medinipur are mainly drought prone areas where Financial Problems and deficiencies of well-equipped Medical Facilities is in very poor condition. It is thought BANKURA PARAMEDICAL COLLEGE with its all features and amenities will remove these discrepancies even in a least portion. This college would be heartily devoted to satisfy this aim and to fulfil the shortfalls of well-educated and Trained Paramedics.



We endeavour to promote knowledge, attitude, skills and habits in the students so as to enable them to carry out their duties and responsibilities as a competent, professional Paramedics and to serve the Society.

  • To impart. high quality education
  • To foster innovation in the professional growth
  • To develop leadership skills and group dynamics among nursing students for holistic patient care.

Our Inspiration

Mrs. Piya Mukherjee

Secretary, Bankura Paramedical College

Mr. Arabinda Mukherjee

Director, Bankura Paramedical College

Affiliation & Recognition

State Medical Faculty, Govt. Of West Bengal